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Google Workspace

All In One Email Solution To Your Business

Teams To Connect, Collaborate And Perform

A flexible and easy work space solution for people and organizations to perform more and better. The different tools help businesses with meets via Video calls, instant messages using Google Meet and Google Chats. You can get unlimited storage across all your Google Workspace apps. All the work done is secure, safe and enjoy all time access to all your work anywhere and everywhere. The business owner, teams and managers of an organisation can stay connected with each other via HD video Meet. Best email solution for businesses.
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Why Choose Google Workspace

Google Drive

Organize and Store data files easily over the cloud

Google Docs

Create, share and give edit or view power on documents

Google Calendar

Schedule Video call, meetings and manage teams with ease

Google Sheets

Create, edit, merge and share spreadsheets

Google Meet

Real time sharing & collaboration on Chat, and HD video calls

Unlimited Cloud Storage

Store huge data as per your need with unlimited storage


Get your company domain name with professional email on Google

Video Meet

Meets help to collaborate the teams all over world

Admin Controls

Management of a User, users, teams or groups is smooth.

Device Management

You can Sync across all your devices with Google Workspace

Google Workspace On Google Cloud

Google’s Cloud platform provides its users unlimited storage across all your Google Workspace apps.

  • Real-time Collaboration with teams
  • Work from anywhere
  • Data secured by google
  • 24X7 Support Available
  • Minimum Advertisements

Google Work Space FAQs

About Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)
It is known as the G Suite formerly. Google Workspace provides a custom email solution for your business that helps you to operate easily and securely. It includes a combination of different tools like Gmail, Drive, Docs, SpreadSheets, Slides, Calendar, Meet, Chat, Forms, and more. The one platform for all your business needs.
Why should I purchase Google Workspace when it offers a similar plan for free?
The paid Google Workspace Account allows you to access your favorite Google Apps such as Gmail, Drive, Docs, SpreadSheets, Slides, Calendar, Meet, and Chat for your business and prophecies more premium services that are not included in the free account. For instance; the storage of custom email addresses is twice as compared to free Gmail. Further we will provide you with more email addresses, 24/7 phone support from our team, Google Workspace Sync for Outlook, and more.
How can I replace or migrate my current Email to Google Workspace?
Most of the people are choosing to convert their existing Gmail software with Google Workspace solution. As it helps businesses to create different kinds of files, spreadsheets, text documents, and presentations. You can use the calendar as a reminder app. The work done on these files will be saved and stored automatically in the cloud with Google Drive. You need not to install any complex softwares on your system. Google Workspace ’s apps are compatible with most of the devices.
What types of file formats can I upload to Drive?
You can upload any type of file format to Drive and convert and save them to Google document formats like: Docs, Spreadsheets, or Slides etc.
Is there a provision for Money Back Guarantee for Google Workspace?
No, we do not offer any Money Back Guarantee scheme with Google Workspace as it is not extended to us by Google.
Will I get support for Google Workspace?
Yes, our team will provide the support for all your issues related to Google Workspace. You can contact us via phone or email us directly for any help.


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